You’ve likely heard the phrase, “less is more.” Truer words couldn’t be said when it comes to web design. As we’ve mentioned before, 94% of users base their first impressions of a website on its design. Visual appeal is not always a barrage of various colors and items as it tends to get overwhelming, affecting the way users perceive the digital product. Sometimes, a touch of minimalism goes a long way in web design.

Tunnel Vision Design LLC is a creative solutions provider that builds mobile, responsive websites and provides graphic design, branding, and logo services. Our team understands what attracts visitors and converts them into loyal customers. We utilize our expertise to tailor a unique experience for your users, increasing traction to your business.

In our previous client spotlight, we highlighted our work with JMS Wind Energy and what we emphasized on their web design. This time around, the client left us a generous 5-star review on Clutch, a B2B ratings and review platform.

To give you an idea of why this is important, Clutch is an authority in the ratings and reviews space, helping companies connect with the best-fit service providers to improve their productivity and efficiency. Clutch carefully curates lists of the absolute best agencies and organizations by industry and location, simultaneously enabling companies to establish credibility and buyers to find the right services.

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Nick Gerhard, President of JMS Wind Energy, talked about their company’s collaboration with Tunnel Vision Design LLC in perfect detail. He explained the problems they encountered with their original website and how this revamp remarkably bolstered their digital visibility.

“Our previous website was poorly made, so we wanted someone to develop a new one for us. Tunnel Vision Design designed and developed a new website for us.

They did a phenomenal job on our website, which was eye-catching yet professional, and we were really proud of it. It had a good flow and represented us well.”

— Nick Gerhard, President of JMS Wind Energy

Tunnel Vision Design LLC is a top WordPress developer, as seen on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site. Check us out there to gain an insight into our most notable projects.

If you’re in need of a visually impressive website, talk to us today, and we’ll gladly assist you.

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