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Tunnel Vision Design is one of the only web design agencies offering worry-free web hosting packages which eliminate the stress of getting your site online. Our most commonly chosen options include free maintenance hours where we handle all the backups, maintenance, and upgrades for your business’s website at no extra charge. Other leading web hosting companies will hide the true costs of professional web hosting by failing to mention the multiple hours a month required to keep a website running at peak performance until they send a bill for hundreds of dollars.

Our professional web hosting services offer you best in-class speed, reliability, and security. We partner with one of the industry leaders in WordPress cloud hosting so your growing business can focus on its market and not on the daily efforts of managing a website.

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Tunnel Vision Design Web Hosting Benefits

Best In-class Speeds

Our goal with every Tunnel Vision site is to get you performing at the top of your peer websites. It’s a balancing act with the growth of multimedia focused websites to build an eye-catching site that also performs well. A fast site with an unattractive look is just as bad as a slow, beautiful site. We work with you to find the perfect combination for your business and then we host it on the fastest cloud-based premium WordPress hosting available.


Every site comes with a complimentary hardened firewall that automatically detects and blocks suspicious traffic and unauthorized logins. We also include Cloudflare protection which secures and ensures the reliability of your web resources. We don’t believe security is something that you should have to pay extra for. Read more about our security efforts.

Worry-free Maintenance

Our most popular hosting packages include worry-free maintenance hours for no additional charge. You can think of these like an oil change on your car: backups, software updates, and bug fixes aren’t something you can afford to delay. Let us handle the day-to-day annoyances of keeping your site maintained so you can focus on your growing business.

Automated Backups

We backup every site nightly as well as before any updates or maintenance. Sleep easy knowing that your data is always safe and available.

US-based Support

Wonder why your current host takes 12 hours to answer an e-mail on a good day? Their support is probably overseas. You can always reach us by phone, text, or e-mail. Proudly based in Lexington, Kentucky–we’ll be around.

Don’t Just Take Our Word on Our Speeds

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Nearly 70% of consumers admit that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer. You won’t see our competitors posting their speed scores, and that’s because they are embarrassed by them. Choose Tunnel Vision Design and rest easy knowing you won’t lose customers due to slow page loading.

Customer Testimonials

The Tunnel Vision team is easy to work with, and their timelines and pricing exceed expectations. We’re happy with the finished product, and our monthly plan gives us peace of mind; it’s worth the cost. Moreover, I don’t have to strictly supervise their work since they manage everything well.  


Tunnel Vision Design LLC communicates effectively with our team — we honestly feel like they’re part of our internal staff. They’re always available when we need them, and they deliver results within quick turnaround times.

We’re most impressed with their team’s adaptability — they consider our feedback well and implement any necessary changes to improve our platform. It’s easy to work with them because they work as hard as our team.


They did a phenomenal job on our website, which was eye-catching yet professional, and we were really proud of it. It had a good flow and represented us well. Thanks to Tunnel Vision Design, we achieved everything we wanted for our website.

Their project management was excellent. We used emails and phone calls to communicate and Microsoft Word documents to organize the project. They were very responsive, which made it easy to work with them remotely.

Tunnel Vision Design made us feel like we were their priority, and they were genuinely excited to work with us. Additionally, the team was very patient and held our hand throughout the process. Their attention to detail was terrific, too. Overall, they exceeded our expectations.


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