Web Design Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What information should I provide to get the best results for my new website?
    To ensure the best results for your new website, we would appreciate if you could provide detailed information about your business, the products/services you offer, your target audience, and your goals for the website. Any branding material or design ideas would also be helpful. However, don't let a lack of information stop you from getting started. We have built websites for a wide variety of businesses and likely have experience in your area, we can help guide you through the process.
  • How long does it usually take to design and launch a new website?
    The timeline for designing and launching a new website can vary depending on its complexity and specific features. Some sites can be built in as few as four weeks. Many sites can be completed within 2-3 months, but we recommend 4-6 month timelines to give you enough time for feedback and creativity. We believe in launching in phases which gets your new or redesigned site in front of potential customers as soon as possible. Then we can iterate based on feedback or additional features to launch additional phases. This can help to build a sense of anticipation with your website viewers as they plan future visits to see fresh features and designs. We also create a prototype first early in the project so that you can get the initial design and site capabilities in your hands as soon as possible and can make sure your dreams are becoming a reality.

    With Tunnel Vision Design you'll never be surprised by a delay in the process or have to ask where your site is. You will receive regular updates and frequent access to the demo site in progress. We believe in providing a personal touch to all of our customers, which differentiates us from larger agencies that operate on a factory model.
  • What is website hosting, and why is it important?
    Website hosting is just as important to the success of your online venture as the web design. Many web designers are capable of turning over a slick design but when it comes to deploying and hosting the website, they simple say "goodbye and good luck. Here are some hosts we found on Google." At Tunnel Vision Design we believe in offering as seamless a process as possible and manage the site through the entire lifecycle. We offer hassle-free maintenance packages that puts the responsibility of maintenance and security updates on us freeing the business to do what it does best--closing sales.

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  • How do I choose the right web hosting company for my website?
    When choosing a web hosting company, consider factors such as reliability, speed, customer service, and pricing. At Tunnel Vision Design, we offer robust and reliable hosting services tailored to your business needs. If you ask around, many people will suggest a cheap shared hosting plan and say it's good enough. However, with a cheap shared plan you will get a service that is slow, unreliable, prone to outages, and forces you to manage the site security and issues yourself. And good luck getting HostSnake or CheapHost on the phone, you'll be in a support queue for hours while your site is down. Ask those same people recommending shared plans how many hours they've wasted talking to support halfway across the world, and suddenly that cheap hosting plan will seem very expensive.

    With Tunnel Vision Design, you know you will receive US-based support always happy to answer the phone or email for any questions or issues you may have. We like to think of our clients as partners in success, and you can feel free to ask for advice or help. With our hassle-free maintenance plans you can spend your time thinking about how to expand your business instead of how to fix your website. It only takes a few minutes of outages or security issues to cost many times more in revenue than a quality hosting plan with us. You will also want to make sure they have a prominent portfolio with a wide-range of businesses to show off. If their portfolio is hard to find, full of unattractive websites, or broken links then you can count on your new website being a disappointment as well.

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  • What features should I look for when choosing a web hosting service?
    Look for a hosting service that offers fast load times, reliability, regular backups, good customer service, and scalability. Our hosting service at Tunnel Vision Design includes these features and more to ensure your website runs smoothly. We would also suggest comparing what the plans include, with many of our plans you'll get included or unlimited hassle-free maintenance hours which is a rare offering in the industry. Most web hosting companies would prefer to charge you hourly for every security update or maintenance item.
  • Can I update my website's content on my own, or will I need to contact Tunnel Vision Design for updates?
    With the content management systems we use, such as WordPress, you can easily update your website's content. We also provide a comprehensive tutorial during the handover phase. Some of our clients feel more comfortable if we handle minor updates such as text changes or alterations to the design elements of the site such as the header and footer, which we are happy to do for them. In the end, we can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like when it comes to the day-to-day changes of the site.
  • What is the role of SEO in website design, and does you offer SEO services?
    SEO, search engine optimization, plays a crucial role in website design as it helps improve your site's visibility on search engines. At Tunnel Vision Design, we offer SEO services with many of our plans and ensure that all our web designs are SEO-friendly. Deeper into SEO, constant content creation and backlinking from established sites can run into multiple thousand a month budgets. If your needs run to that level, we can discuss next steps after launch during our consultation, but many businesses can thrive off a limited SEO budget.

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  • How often will I need to update or redesign my website to stay current?
    Generally, a major redesign is recommended every 2-3 years, but it can depend on your industry and specific business needs. Even if you are happy with the look of your website, both the framework underneath as well as any new web technologies may be best served by a major redesign. Areas such as accessibility, mobile responsiveness, and speed can be hard to improve drastically without a large refresh.

    Regular updates to content and minor design tweaks are also advisable to keep your website fresh and relevant. For the best search engine practices and keeping the website fresh for return visitors, we suggest at least once a month with weekly preferable. A large number of small businesses don't need to update their main content that often, but a blog with articles related to your market published regularly can drastically boost search engine ranking.
  • What are the costs involved in designing a website and hiring a hosting company? Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of?
    The cost of designing a website and hiring a hosting company can vary widely depending on your specific requirements. At Tunnel Vision Design, we pride ourselves on transparent pricing with no hidden fees. After we have an initial consultation, we can provide a detailed quote once we understand your needs. For the prototype phase, we take a small deposit and get a functioning demo site in front of you quickly. With our maintenance free plans, we will always let you know if a request is covered by the plan or will incur an additional charge and an estimate of that work. You'll never be surprised by a bill with Tunnel Vision Design. We also believe that growing our business is best done by doing great work and acquiring new clients, not in raising the price our existing clients pay every year.
  • We hired another company previously and it's so hard to get in contact with them when issues come up or changes are needed. Can we trust you all to support our business?
    You can definitely trust us to be available for any questions or issues, as we are reachable by phone and email and based in the US. Many of our clients come to us with horror stories of choosing a national or global company that was nowhere to be found when it came to customer service. A large company like GoDaddy sees customer service as a cost center and something to be cut back as much as possible. We believe customer service is the cornerstone of a successful web hosting and design agency. "We like that you guys answer the phone," is something we've heard from more than one client.
  • Why should I get a new website? My old one has a picture and a phone number and seems fine.
    It can seem difficult to justify a new expense when it seems like the status quo is serving your business just fine. However, you can be sure that your competitors aren't happy with the status quo, they are working their hardest to take the entire market. 48% of users believe website design is the #1 factor when judging a business’s credibility. A good portion of how a website is received by a viewer is a modern and usable design which requires a major refresh every few years. While a website with a picture and a phone number, or one thrown up in a few minutes using a website builder may get half the customers to your door, it can never deliver the other half.

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