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Our Work

Below are examples of websites that we have completed. 

Kendale Industries

Kendale Industries

Based in central Kentucky, Kendale Industries is proud to be a leading manufacturer of ball bearings. Producing a wide range of ball bearings for businesses across the nation, all of our products are fabricated by a team of experts, here in the United States.

Garrard County Health Department

We are happy to introduce our second health department launch in Kentucky. Garrard County Health was a pleasure to work with and gave us a great color scheme to utilize.

Hoosier Select Online Horse Bidding Site

Hoosier Select Online Horse Sales

Hoosier Select is our first auction site that has included both horses and horse equipment. There are a lot of reasons to see what they have listed on their site from week to week.

All Around Equine

All Around Equine came to us with a quick turn-around. We were happy to oblige and fast track them. A unqiue color scheme really makes this one eye catching!

Boyle County Health Department

Boyle Co. Heath needed a MAJOR facelift. With a ton of content to sift through and reorganize this was a great exercise in user experience. We are happy to break into this industry.


Horseporium allowed us to get very artistic and use big imagery. They have a ton of beautiful horses. Check out their impressive catalog.

JMS Wind Energy

JMS is a large-scale wind energy company that deals in Turbine management, Communications, and Energy services.

Come to the Table

Come to the Table KY is a meal delivery and private catering service. Serving Central-Kentucky

Century Conveyor Systems, Inc.

Century Conveyor Systems, Inc.  is based out of South Plainfield, New Jersey. Century Conveyor Service, Inc. was developed as a material equipment handling, installation, and service company.

Elite Equine Auction

Elite Equine Auction is our second online horse auction site. 

Lakeside Motel & Resort

Lakeside Motel & Resort is located in the mountains of Western Montana. It offers cabins, restaurant and more!

Platinum Equine Auction

Platinum Equine Auction is an auction based site that came with its own unique set of challenges.

LaFayette Engineering, Inc.

LaFayette Engineering Inc. Is a material handling company based out of Danville, Kentucky. LEI has contracts in almost all 50 states and is a rapidly growing company in their industry. 

The Official's Journal

The Official’s Journal is a portable journal designed to help you succeed in your sport. As an official myself, I know how hard it can be to keep track of the many lessons that we learn throughout the season. 

Southern Conveyor Systems, Inc.

Southern Conveyor Systems, Inc. is a material handling company based out of of Central Kentucky. 

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