Client Spotlight #8: JMS Energy is a new client of ours that had a need for a website redesign. They came with excellent visuals that allowed us to make some cool pages. We really focused on two things on this project.

#1: Responsive design.

We are seeing consistently elevated numbers of mobile viewing across all of our client’s websites. We cannot stress enough how important responsive design is to the effectiveness of your site. More people are viewing on their mobile devices than ever. Consequently, if your site looks dynamic on a desktop but not on mobile that is a HUGE problem

#2: Accessibility.

JMS was very interested in taking the extra step to make their site as accessible as possible. This is very encouraging for us to see. The more people keep accessibility in mind the more it will pay off in the end. Yes, it takes a little longer to complete the job but the payoff is clear. You get the peace of mind, knowing that your site is accessible and you can receive more business in the long run because of that.

Client Spotlight #8: JMS Wind Energy

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