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Tunnel Vision Design is very happy to announce we are being recognized as of the top designers of horse/equine auction websites in the world. We have a number of very successful projects under our belt, and we have the expertise necessary to make your website one of the best in the industry. Each site we create is individually customized both look and feel and uniquely tailored to the needs of the specific organization. We are proud that all of our auction sites have found great success in a competitive and rapidly growing industry!

Horse sales grew in number by 23% in 2021 and the average sale price is up 56%. If you’ve bought or sold horses recently then you know how fast the market is growing. We expect 2022 to be even bigger than 2021 as there are zero signs of slowdown. An equine that would have sold on Facebook or locally for $2,000 a few years ago can easily reach $20,000 or more in an online auction now.

You’ll find our proposals are very competitively priced compared to selling your horses on large, general auction sites where your horses fight for space with everyone else’s. Some of our clients have gone from $0 in auction sales to multi-millions in a year after launch. They would never have achieved that success selling on someone else’s website.

Our Successful Horse Auction Clients

Our Auction Software

We use an industry leading auction software that we believe is the best on the market. Easy to use for both site owners and bidders, the positive responses to our sites have been overwhelming. With each site we design and create, we walk the clients through the features and setup of their sites until they are comfortable running the show on their own. We’ll always be available for questions or issues in the future.

Many of our competitors leave their clients on their own after they build a site: “goodbye and good luck” is a common launch phrase in the industry! Not with a Tunnel Vision Design site as we are looking for partners in success. There’s a reason all of our auction clients are still with us months and years after launching their sites, and it’s because we stand behind every site we make and dedicate ourselves to every site being a huge success. Ask us about our worry-free hosting packages where we handle the backups, maintenance, and upgrades so you don’t have to.

Some of the features our software offers:

  • Proxy Bidding
  • Anti-Sniping
  • Relist – Automatic & Manual
  • Variable Increment
  • Silent Bidding
  • Credit Card payments
  • Buyer’s Premium
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Your Information is Safe with Us

A very common question we get is: since you all have so many great websites, can we trust you not to share our business’s proprietary information with other sites in our industry? YES, you can always trust us! We pledge to never share details about your business with anyone else. We believe in a free market where each business succeeds on its own merits. We are not creating competitors; we are creating industry leaders.

Don’t bother asking us how our other sites go to be so successful, but there is one thing all of those successful sites have in common: Tunnel Vision Design–we can help you blaze your own trail of success today. We’ve heard our competitors will not make that same guarantee, so don’t risk having to fight an uphill battle from the beginning where your unique ideas and data may not be safe.

Start Making Money Today

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